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Don’t do it yourself, that is. Many people think household maintenance is an amateur fact of life: you own a house, you do the painting, the roof repairs, the interior carpentry, you solve the electrical and plumbing problems, and on and on. One reason for this is that they think it saves them money.

It almost certainly doesn’t. It costs the homeowner time, risk of serious injury and—all too often—extra expense and time.

Southwest Maintenance and Janitorial residential and handyman services in Albuquerque offers all kinds of household services professionally—with the same professionalism that informs our commercial services for offices, condominiums and commercial establishments. One phone call does it all.

So don’t you do it! Let Southwest Maintenance & Janitorial Services show you what we can do for you!  Your handyman and janitorial services in Albuquerque, New Mexico.